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Simple Silver

Available in 500g or 1kg 

One step - Once a year - the simple solution for spa pool water treatment.  For just over a dollar a day, you can relax and enjoy your spa pool for 12 months.

SimpleSilver is a combination of naturally occurring minerals and a small amount of silver oxide encapsulated in soluble silicon. It is proven safe and used in many water treatment applications around the world.  SimpleSilver comes to you packaged in a rigid plastic container for easy use.

Placed anywhere in your spa pool water, the simplesilver™ tablet controls and balances the water by releasing its minerals automatically to control the pH, alkalinity, total dissolved solids, scale, corrosion and bacteria.

No other water treatment products are required.

As water flows over the simplesilver™ tablet, it distributes the simplesilver™ minerals at a constant and controlled rate, ensuring pristine, crystal-clear, clean and odourless water for 12 months.


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